House2Home is a competition project that was built by Bitesize to help junior designers learn and get recognize for their work. In this project I got 3rd place but was proud of the work I made!

Duration: 1 week Sprint

What is House2Home?

House2Home is a new startup wants to help people decorate their new homes and apartments. Through customer surveys, House2Home has found that many of their customers have just moved in to a new home or apartment. These users want to buy multiple items to personalize their new place - but, they don't feel confident  doing it on their own.


How might we help people find a great "starter kit" of items to instantly decorate their new place?

User Goal

To find their interior style in a budget to make their place feel more like home.

Taking a look outside of competitors to gather some inspiration.

I’ve been through similar business like these .....but for clothes. I always had a budget for these places and they helped me where I struggle the most in shopping. By taking a look in these areas I was able to understand how I should tackle this challenge.

Clothing Sites

- Stich fix
- Bungalow clothing
- Le tote

Interior Sites

- Havenly
- Home designing
- Modsy

Building a flow for an on-boarding experience of building a profile.

To make sure I reach the users goal I thought the best bet would be to allow the user to find their style and confirm the results given before moving forward to suggestive products from the story.

One thing I took in consideration was to build the user profile little at a time in the on-boarding; that way they don't feel they have to provide a password or email right away.

The final design solution

I had so much fun with this solution! My favorite was building a Pinterest look for the opening because it makes the users feel in control of finding their style.

Thank you for reading!

If you would like to learn more about this case study please feel free to reach out and I am happy to discuss more details!

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