DC Universe

A case study on a streaming entertainment mobile app. Main focus of the project is try new user research methods and study user interaction.

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& Tools

Survey, Interviews, A/B Testing, User Flow, Empathy, User Journey, Persona, Sketching, Wireframe, Visual Design, Prototyping, Adobe XD

Project goals

Practice new methods for user research and to study user interaction to find the problem.

User &

Ages 13+ who love watching, learning, and reading about comic book characters. Mostly uses mobile device

I'm a
DC Fan

Coming from a DC fan like me, I was excited to use their new entertainment app! DC Universe is an entertainment app available on mobile, desktop, and apple tv. DC has been creating comics, animations, and live action films. Recently they created an entertainment app that allows users to have access to all three and socialize with other users. For this project I will be focusing only on mobile.

with the user

In order to know what the problem was, I needed to empathize with the user. To do this I started to create personas, journey maps, and empathy charts. Doing this allowed me to locate users for interviews.

were given

Once the personas and charts were completed, I began customizing surveys and interview questions. I wanted to really see if the frustrations were real and discover any new ones I wasn't aware of. Below are the results for reasons to subscribe the app.


With all the information collected I began organizing with sticky notes. This allowed me to narrow down the main points of frustration and start forming a problem of which I can make a solution to.

I used Miro to recreate my wall of stick notes.

The problem

With DC just joining in the streaming industry, users are already getting use to how organized content is given from competitors such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now. Currently the app is offering to many features which leads to unorganized flows and distracting ui design.


After creating the problem statement I started sketching some ideas that can help organize the features to where the user can still have access to all but display the most used features on the home page. As displayed in the interview charts above; movies, tv shows, and comics are the most used features.

Some sketches I did on my laptop.


Once I felt comfortable with the sketch ideas, I brought them to digital display for user interaction. I used Adobe XD because they created auto animation interaction and thought this would be a great project to practice with!

Me using my wire-frame on my phone.

A / B

When I started designing the prototype, I was thinking an A/B testing would be something interesting to see for my user testing. Below will show the process of how this came to a solution.

Which Background?

For an entertainment app I thought it would be interesting to see which color scheme works best for users to find content; dark or light? In result 75% chose dark and the other 25% light.

Future content

The coming soon feature is something that has to look different yet allows users to know its not available yet. This resulted in 75% on title display and 25% on cover image.

Finding content

One of the big things I noticed on my research was users loved the view all display but I also wanted to keep it organized. This test resulted in viewers having the view all layout but with a filter if needed.

Original product
My solution

Take aways

The app was a successful learning experience for user research. I was able to try new methods that will be useful for future projects and had the chance to try new features on Adobe XD. After sharing this study people have enjoyed the results and hope to see this kind of change in the future for the product.

Additional Thought
I would be interested to see how I can bring this design style to desktop and apple tv but that would require a different case study that I would like to look into more in the near future.

*Below is a quick idea of what I imagine it could be.

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