Survive by destroying and evading the asteroids. Get the highest score. Be Careful! The red indestructible asteroids are fast!

& Tools

Survey, Interviews, A/B Testing, User Flow, Empathy, Sketching, Wireframe, Visual Design, Prototyping, Adobe XD

Project goals

To design a simple, addictive, and fun game for users to play on android and IOS phones.


1 product designer (me) and 1 software engineer


AstroEvade is a mobile game application currently available for android and IOS phones. This was created by me and software engineer friend from college. He reached out for assistance with designing his game and I took on the challenge to build a game from scratch.

Possible /
Important Chart

One of the challenges we faced on this project was having to many ideas. To make sure we follow our goal we worked together on making a chart that lets us know what could be in the game but also leave possible ideas that we can update to later.


Once we narrowed down what the game will have we created a rapid prototype to see how people will interact with the game. We first wanted to see the best way for people to move the ship.

Using one finger (thumb) to move ship left and right.
Using 2 finger to move ship left and right.


What was interesting about this testing was we were able to get more information then expected about what we need to work on. Below is a chart for you to see out discoveries and what opportunities we have to change.

Visual Design
& Branding

While the changes were being made to the programming side, I started working on the design of the game. I made the asteroid the main symbol attraction for the title and icon because people will most likely remember the name with the image.

Final Design

After making a style guide for the game I started putting together a visual prototype for my partner to look at for visual assistance. Below you will see the final design work for the app.

The Outcome

The game is available for android and IOS users now. Currently we've received a total of 124 downloads (both stores together) and 5 star reviews. Downloads increase everyday plus V-squared apps has been gaining profits from ads. We also plan to start paying for marketing ads to gain more traffic on the game. We received great reviews from our users and we plan on adding new themes / different asteroids in the future!

If you want to chat, work together, or see more of my work, send me an email.