A picture of me doing photography at ASU.

Traveler. Coffee lover. Dyslexic.

My name is Heather, and I specialize in extracting both complex quantitative and qualitative data and turning it into a simplified digital product solutions.

Product design has been a positive outlet for me. It's where my right brain meets my left brain and they are able to work together to find a solution to design problems. I pride myself in being able to put myself in a user’s perspective, and allow my curiosity to take over and question the functionality, utility, and accessibility of a product. In doing this I am able to anticipate the needs of a user and work on creating an improved interface.

Growing up I struggled with processing information as it was presented, but design has helped me overcome those obstacles. I was able to take the need to increase the functionality for myself and apply it to other users. This is how I came across UX design.

Currently I am based in Ventura, CA helping businesses grow through design. With my experience working alongside engineers, managers, designers, and marketing teams, I know how to provide user needs with company goals. In my next role I'm looking to work at a company with a strong mission to help build accessibility for every person.

In my spare time I live to explore, whether it’s trying new design techniques, visiting a new locations, or trying out a new recreation. I also love being around family and friends whether it's watching movies, playing games, or enjoying the outdoors.

If you want to chat, work together, or see more of my work, send me an email.